The Bible is the Word of God

There is One True God Revealed in Scripture as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

Eternal Life is Obtained Through Faith in Jesus Christ Alone



While not comprehensive, the following reflect some of the additional beliefs and teachings of Living Word Fellowship. Minor doctrinal differences will exist within any local body of believers. Minor doctrinal differences from these tenets should not preclude an individual from joining in fellowship with other believers in this body.


God Revealed Himself To The World In The Form Of Jesus Christ, The Baptism In The Holy Spirit Is An Experience Subsequent To Salvation And Is Available To Every Believer In Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit Equips Us For Ministry With Gifts, Humanity is a Creation of God, All of Humanity is Separated from a Holy God by Sin, Humanity is Divided Into Two Categories:
Believers and Unbelievers in Christ, Satan is a Real Being and Works in Opposition to God, Faith is a Fundamental Force in the Life of a Believer in Jesus Christ, We Have Been Given a Right Standing With God Through Faith in Jesus Christ Based Upon His Sacrifice Upon The Cross, After the Salvation Experience God Continues the Process of Molding Us Into The Image of His Son Jesus Christ, Repentance is not Just Sorrow or Grief for Having Been Caught But Instead is a True Change of Heart and Change of Direction in an Individual’s Life, Deliverance from Sickness and Disease is an Integral Part of the Good News of Jesus Christ, Deliverance from the Work of Demonic Forces in the Lives of Both Believers and Nonbelievers is an Integral Part of the Good News of Jesus Christ, Water Baptism is an Outward Act That Gives Witness to the Inward Work of the New Birth We Have in Jesus Christ, The Celebration of the Lord’s Supper or Communion is an Important Part of Our Christian Experience, We Specifically Lay Our Hands on Others and Pray at Various Times, Primary Church Leadership Consists of the Fivefold Ministry Gifts Given to the Church, Ministry is the Work of the Saints or Believers in Jesus Christ, Church Leadership has the Responsibility to Train these Saints for Ministry, Corporate Worship is an Integral Part of the Fellowship of Local Believers, Marriage is Between One Man and One Woman.


The following are core to the beliefs and teachings of Living Word Fellowship. These would be considered uncompromising truth to which we adhere and teach:


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